Picturality began in October of 2013, but the idea behind it developed from the desire to create greeting cards. Soon enough, I realized this was not ideal for me and felt it had limits to my creativity. Inspiration evolved from the beauty of typography, taking words to create art. This is where the designs for my art was born. Over the years my style has changed and I've drawn inspiration from various styles including rustic farmhouse and coastal decor.

Working 12 hour days with tons of coffee I continue to evolve in my creative process. It is endless and is a place that I find the most joy. I have been known to create over 75 prints in just a week which is the persistence and dedication that I live by. Aside from sitting behind my computer creating and brainstorming, I enjoy gardening, cooking, sewing and hope to add ceramics and pottery making to my list.

Looking back to the beginning of Picturality I find a sense of gratification at how much my art has changed and how it has evolved. It is amazing where my journey from that time has taken me and where it will now lead me.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed creating each design.


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Tammy has a diverse background in graphic design and business. She studied at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.
As an Etsy Seller she has sold over 8000 prints with 1100 reviews (5 star rating).

    Picturality as seen in HGTV

    Picturality as seen in Buzzfeed

    Picturality as seen in Childhood 101

    Picturality As Seen In Self Magazine